Your Modern Workplace Seminar 24 October 2019

By October 29, 2019October 16th, 2020Cloud, Event, Transformation, Webinar

Your Modern Workplace Seminar 24 October 2019

Does your company ready for the NEXT generation of Modern Workplace (year 2020)?
Want to have WhatsApp to connect your Microsoft Teams as a Sales or Customer Services channel?
Interest to build a SMART Office for your company?
Want to know how the latest Mobile Devices can secure your workplace and protect your data?

Modern Workplace has been generally accepted by the company nowadays, and in this seminar, we will be introducing a “Next-Level” of Modern Workplace to work smarter with enterprise-grade security enhancement.

With the combination and collaboration of latest devices and solution which practice and create the “Next-Level” of Modern Workplace.

The seminar will be focusing on the productivity, device security, data protection and governance. We have invited 4 partners to introduce different solutions to you to share their expertise on their professional. These solutions could help to boost your company’s productivity, flexibility, safety, and transparency on every single aspect and level of your business. SOS Group, being a 6 years Microsoft Partner of Year winner, will provide the supportive services of the coordination to build your “Next-Level” of Modern Workplace.

SOSHK helps empowering business with cloud.

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