S Plus Helpdesk

Designed for Microsoft 365

How Teams Add-on S Plus Helpdesk Chatbot can help?

Monitor your Microsoft 365 Event Logs and Take Actions

Build your own Knowledge Base

Reduce the Routine Tasks from your IT Helpdesk

  • Unique Platform for understand and analyze the large volume of Events Log generated from M365, O365, EMS, Azure AD, Intune, etc.

  • Filter the importance and urgency, and provide recommended actions to IT Team or End-User through the Chatbot

  • With our Managed Services, we can help you to build your customized helpdesk knowledge base for your internal or external applications, like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, or other HR, CRM, POS System

  • Over thousands of Ready-To-Use Templates are available in our knowledge base

  • User-Friendly Materials (include procedures, screencap, and video) can easily let your users to follow and address their questions

S Plus Helpdesk Chatbot

Rich Knowledge Base


Native Support in Microsoft Teams

Powered by SOS S Plus from over 550K Office 365 seats deployment in the past 8 years (since 2011)

Over 500 scenarios of chit-chat in the voice of multiple personas, like Professional, Friendly and Witty

Able to install in Chat or Teams Channel , work on Mobile, Web and Desktop

Easy to deploy

Highly Customization and Use Case

Can be installed and distributed for entire organization through policy

Extended the usage to Sales Enquiry, Customer Services, HR with specific Knowledge Base

S Plus Helpdesk Chatbot Features


Over 500 scenarios of chit-chat in the voice of multiple personas, like Professional, Friendly and Witty

Response Card

Customized Response Card for different kind of answers and actions


Understand questions with intelligent and predict answers

Suggested Questions

Helping User to ask the exact question and get the corresponding answers

Powered by SOS S Plus

Supported by Localized Cloud Managed Services Provider

Provide User Administration

Regular End-User Training and New Features Update

Live Customer Support

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