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Microsoft EMS Partner of the Year 2017 | More than just EMS deployment.

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What’s Out of Box from EMS

  • Microsoft Intune – 100’s of configurable policies with wide device support (Android / iOS / WinPhone)

  • AADP + AIP – Default policies with customizable policies according to company usage

  • MFA – Office 365 and Microsoft supported cloud app

  • ATA – In depth identity protection for on premise AD

What’s In SOS Managed EMS deployment

  • Define and educate IT and business users expectation about Intune proper usage before deployment

  • Ready-to-Use customized Intune / AADP / AIP policies helps enterprise defines best balance between security and productivity

  • Smooth and end-to-end end user focused training sessions to ensure adoption of new mobility and security technologies

  • Single-point-of-Contact on ATA deployment across AD+Network+Security with best practices from the field

More than 50,000 EMS seats deployed and managed by us.

As more work are done from mobile and across devices,

EMS are the true guard from cyber threats with the powerful tools of MFA,Intune and RMS.

SOS's EMS service


EMS Subscription Setup / Integration with customer O365 and Azure:


Study customer existing mobility + security approach


Onsite Engineer on Critical System Go Live Working Day


Ongoing Tier-2 EMS Managed Support Services


– IT BDM & department
– Business users
– Change control


Azure AD Premium: AADRMS with customized template
Intune: Ready to use SOS most commonly used template with best practices
Advanced Threat Analytics: Port Mirroring configuration, Suppression / triggering config, Customized admin dashboard


End-User Focused Hands On Training (In-Person)


Periodically Review and Plan New Features from EMS with Customer

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