Microsoft PowerApps

A tailor-made application to facilitate business operation for your frontline workers

To design the almighty application for internal staffs you have never seen


Highly Customize

Full Cloud Environment

User Friendly Interface

Rapid Development Cycle

Managed Services and Support

Microsoft PowerApps is a tailor made application for your company to serve as a communication channel between the frontline workers, managers, businessperson in charge. The application is highly customizable and flexible which SOS Group will help to design your designated app with user-friendly user interface and user experience.

The application will leverage Microsoft Power Platform with PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agent. With Microsoft Teams integration, frontline workers can access the application easily on their mobile devices, and reach out the company news, product information, integrated leave-system, payment approval, on site status, emergency contact etc which help the company to reduce the operation cost of time, money, and manpower in various operation level.

SOS Group will be your best partner to design, deploy, and maintain the application update and operation.

12 Crucial Modules

Below are the 12 crucial modules that serve different functions as an frontline user view. SOS is welcome to design your own modules to suit your company needs and wants.

Company Notice

News RSS

Work Safety


Emergency Contacts


Request / Feedback


Dashboard / Report

Leave request

Site Inspection


1. Company Notice

New products, services, news, reports etc about the company will be shown in this feature, with the authorization you may also add or edit the post, providing the latest information which the staffs need to know.

2. News RSS

Link to external sources or news with RSS feed, then users can have updated news easily.

3. Work Safety

Posting tips about how to work safety in an effectively and wisely way.

4. FAQ

An intelligent chatbot to serve all the FAQ from staffs, automate your customer services with customized dialog-flow to provide specific information's like texts, photos, videos, links etc, minimizing the unnecessary operation cost of time.

5. Emergency Contacts

In case the frontline workers need to reach out the company with direct contact on phone or email.

6. Download

Download company files, like Forms, Promotional Materials, Sales Record, Presentation, etc.

7. Request / Feedback

Provide the frontline workers a channel to express their thought, comment or request in text form to the company, and allow them to submit it with their personal details or as an anonymous.

8. Video

The company related videos will be listed out in here, such as company profile, product promotion advertisement, demonstration etc.

9. Dashboard / Report

Generate data into a dashboard from PowerBI like pie chart, bar chart, histogram of various sales data, product stock level, regional revenue etc.

10. Leave request

Serve as an integrated internal operation from leave request to approval for frontline workers and managers, such as annual leave, sick leave, floating holiday etc, collecting the data like leave period, personal in charge, title, and details.

11. Site Inspection

Allow the frontline workers to update their site status to the company like decoration, engineering project, facility quality etc. Minimizing the operation cost for the company to send someone on site supervision.

12. Survey

Collect data from frontline workers from a survey to understand their general situation, status, tendency etc.