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I.T apparels limited is a fashion giant retailer and distributor of popular clothing brands. Started in 1988, the company currently has over 290 stores with thousands of staffs located across Hong Kong, China, America and Europe. The company adopted Microsoft Office 365 to its entire workforce, taking advantages of hybrid cloud-based services to simplify server managing operations on turnover and optimize data management. Today, I.T has a clear vision on cost projection of employees and a cloud protection for its data.

The sharp contrast of pure black and white I.T’s logo is a great simile of the products it brings: the brightest and coolest items at the forefront of fashion. I.T provides fashion lovers with a selection of items ranging from MLP, X-large, Hyoma to in-house brands like 5cm, Izzue,Chocolate. The passion to integrate top fashion into a part of modern lifestyle has provoked since the first day I.T has started – and it proceeds with wider geographical expansion. Its multi-brand and multi-channel approach has undoubtedly placed fashion in a greater exposure to the community.

Similarly, when I.T is considering information technology, it expects a forefront system that is able to cope with its growing corporate scale of workforce and data. After rounds of consideration, I.T opted to deploy Office 365 to support its growth. The I.T managerial team is certain of Office 365 in formulating incremental improvement of the company’s business infrastructure.

Encounter The Challenge Of Business Expansion

Organizational up scaling creates tremendous burdens to I.T business capability. The dynamics of staffs’ turnover and the overwhelming data recollection with security concerns both increases arduous workload into normal business operating activities. The prior system on premise is certainly unable to resolve the issue. Therefore, I.T asks for Microsoft’s gold partner, SOS group limited, for a solution to its current situation. Both parties agreed to a succinct proposal: a hybrid cloud configuration on Office 365.

A Hybrid Cloud Solution

The decision to use hybrid cloud is due to the differentiated nature and functionality of working entities. The contention is that public cloud can provide a greater flexibility to the incessantly changing business groups while private cloud is more applicable for stable and firmed groups. Traditionally, the company has to modify server capacity with respect to workforce size and turnover rate. When staffs resign, the information technology department of the company has to remove the accounts and keep useful data concurrently. The process is complicated and it involves intense maintenance and supporting efforts. Office 365 based on hybrid cloud appears to be a favorable solution. With the assistance of SOS group limited, the actual migration and deployment was completed in 1 months. The original email system is replaced by exchange online of Office 365. Selective accounts are backed up by Office 365 cloud-based service, whilst the other accounts are backed up by I.T‘s own dedicated server. Since 2012, SOS group limited has been consulting the hybrid solution management to provide a stable and reliable system for I.T.

A Fixed Cost Projection and Consumption of Staffs

Switching from an on-premise server to a hybrid cloud foundation, I.T benefits in numerous way from the nimble administrative system of Office 365. I.T can readily manage the accounts in the system. For each newly joined employee, the company can simply open an account with active license. Every account has an official mailbox and 1TB storage in One Drive. I.T has a clear projection and consumption on every staff. The company knows precisely the cost incurred by the amount of accounts. Nevertheless, it can forecast the expected cost with the numbers of new comers. More control and adjustments can be performed based on the projection.

A Simple Secure Way to Manage

As data is synced and protected by One Drive, the modification on server side to increase backing up capacity is minimized. It was a complicated and time-consuming process prior to the deployment of Office 365. Due to the virtuality of One Drive cloud storage, I.T simplifies the process and reduces the workload of information technology department. Data on One Drive are backed by multi-geo-redundant datacenter located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Malaysia. Under the protection, I.T can relieve their security concern on these reliable and resilience datacenters. In addition, the cost of managing and modifying on the server side is minimized.

The Future

With the move to Office 365, I.T improves their internal business operations and activities. It is easier to manage and react with the new information technology infrastructure. At the moment, I.T is overlooking for opportunities to improve their external business functions, especially in relation to customers and retail stores management. In the future, I.T plans to integrate more information technology to optimize their overall business strategy.

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