Robotic Process Automation

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What is RPA?

Intelligence technology that allows anyone to automate business processes with software robots, or bots

Integrate with manipulate applications (CRM, ERP … etc.) through the same user interface for repetitive tasks just like human do

No Disruption of the underlying applications

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Why RPA?

Reduce Burden on IT

Does not disturb underlying legacy systems


Less prone to errors and functions with accuracy and uniformity


Bots can work 24*7 effectively


Repetitive tasks are performed in the same manner each time

Productivity Rate

Execution time much faster than manual process approach

Cost Cutting Technology

Reduces the size of the manual workforce and hence reduce costs


Follows rules to provide audit free trial

No Coding Required

Programming skills are not necessary

What RPA Bring for Business Value?

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Improvement of Accuracy and Customer Experience

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Release of Man-Power from non-value-add task(repetitive task)

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Crease of Productivity and Compliance

How RPA Empower Business Process?


  • Process End-to-End Automation
  • No Involvement of Human Worker
  • Scale Up Productivity to 7×24
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  • Involvement of Human Worker and Decision
  • Work according to office hour

How to Chose RPA Vendor?

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  • Deployment Model
  • Cloud / SaaS / On-Premise / Hybrid
  • Pricing Model
  • Subscription / Perpetual
  • Automated Workflow
  • Unattended / Attended / Hybrid